Advanced Operation Platform

With more and more regulations published by PHSMA and updated standards from API/ISA/AGAs, the Oil & Gas industry is facing more challenges than ever to meet safety and environmental control regulations, improve operating efficiency at the mean time. With the experience of both plant automation and safety analysis expertise, TRC offers integrated solutions for plants with “Smart Operation Platform” , together with user’s existing SCADS/DCS systems, the smart operation platform gives the best assessment of plant’s key performance indicators, as a powerful tools to improve the plants’ safety as well as its efficiency.

Smart Operation Platform features the following key functions:

  • Alarm Management:
    Following ISA18.2 and API RP 1167, analyze SCADA/DCS system’s Alarm System’s performance, rationalize Alarm System, generate report of Alarm System’s “Management of Change”; Audit the alarm system;
  • Nomination:
    Combine real-time data and business order, optimize and track the plant nomination, help operation and business department to achieve best efficiency.
  • Maintenance data in SCADA/DCS:
    Integration Maintenance Data with Control Systems, gives operation the most updated maintenance indicators of each field device to Control Center.