TRC is a privately held Company that was founded in Europe in 1996, and quickly became a leader in the wireless communication arena with a focus on Mobile Asset Management Systems. TRC's expertise in telecommunications was a natural complement in the new division, which was formed in 1997 to pursue the engineering, design and integration of SCADA Systems in the region. In 2000, TRC Houston was established to pursue the international SCADA opportunities and serve the SCADA needs of the energy capital of the world. At the present, TRC has developed joint ventures in Algeria, Pakistan, Indonesia and China to serve as satellite operations for our SCADA Projects in the region. Since year 2018, to expand the business to the fast growing clean energy sector, the company has worked closely with HDsolar , a leading clean energy technology and solution provider, to become a system and equipment provider for the photovoltaic business. Both parties seek to form a partnership to achieve the great goal of global carbon neutrality, and photovoltaic system solution services will become another important business of TRC in the future.

Managing International SCADA & Transmission System Projects

In the world of SCADA and Transmission Systems for the Oil & Gas industry, Technologies have never been as open as they are today. An Allen Bradley PLC will talk to an ABB DCS with one simple instruction while a Wonderware Platform can retrieve data from almost any relational database through an OPC interface. The same holds true for Transmission Systems, Standard SDH Systems from Huawei or Siemens provide almost the same services as a proprietary OTN system, all of them combining fiber optics, radio or satellite solutions to serve multiple needs for video, voice and data. End users in the Oil & Gas industry are now more focused on how to integrate a variety of operational requirements into one project, which makes project execution more challenging and requires extra levels of complexity during system development.

Since 2005, the typical size of SCADA projects that TRC has undertaken has grown at a rapid pace, not only because the demand in the Oil & Gas market is growing, but also because of the expansion in scope of the projects. Nowadays, a tender for a SCADA project is likely to include a Transmission System, a Solar System, an Instrument Management System and sometimes civil work such as the construction of a control center.

This trend presents the project manager with a challenge that surpasses the scope of the normal job components itself, it has become a multi discipline, multi resource and sometimes even multi religious coordination. Cash Flow management, Resource allocation and Scheduling can no longer be accomplished based solely on past experience. It has become a process of handling different technologies, resources from different cultures, global climates, dealing with different regulations, and sometimes different religions.

With the evolving development of implementing such large and diverse projects, TRC's global team is well positioned to take on these challenges. TRC has a team of Managers and Engineers with a diverse ethnic, cultural and religious background. With Headquarters in Houston, an Engineering Center in Beijing, Commissioning teams in Algiers and Islamabad, TRC has a company slogan of "One Team, One Goal". The team is used to work and live amongst many different cultures: One team has handled projects that include the holy month of Ramadan, the Chinese Spring Festival and the Muslim Eid Celebration. Another team was deployed in the Sahara Desert and Pakistan's SUI production field where security is strict and a military escort is required for any people movement while yet another team was on site helping customers dealing with the aftermath of typhoons when one of Sinopec's tank farms was hit by devastating wind gusts from the Pacific Ocean.

TRC's ISO certified Quality System is in line with all major end user's Project Management Systems. TRC has developed strategic partnerships with GE-MDS, Huawei and OTN to implement transmission systems, and C Cooperation to bring the civil work team to every corner of the world.

Within the current work environment, as large as the challenges are, TRC projects will be delivered on time and within budget. The reason is simple:

We've been there, done that.