World Wide Project:

Over the years, TRC has successfully implemented multiple projects in many different regions in the world. Many of them are of the turn-key type which include more than a single aspect. Due to the TRC group’s multi-cultural and multi-functional structure, TRC was able to increase its customer base globally.

In Algeria, TRC has projects in the Hassi Berkine Oil Field, Transmission Pipelines for LPG and Natural Gas, Pumping Stations, Compressor Stations, etc.. The projects?size are considerably bigger than the average SCADA implementation, since the projects are Turn-Key and include SCADA, Transmission, Site Work and Solar Systems.

In Pakistan, TRC has installed multiple projects in the Oil and Gas fields of Pakistan Petroleum. Well Head Control, Gathering and Distribution applications use a wide variety of Data Transmission, Radio Communication, Solar System and Gas Flow Measurement that are all included in the scope of work for these projects.

SinoPec of China was TRC’s first customer in China. Over a 16 year span, as customer requirements grew over time, TRC has built and upgraded control systems in multiple phases for Huade Petrochemical Company, one of Sinopec’s subsidiaries.. TRC also installed Gas Distribution Systems and Tank Farm Application Projects for Beijing International Airport and Hua Neng Amoco Clean Energy Company.

In South East Asia, TRC has built the Arco (now BP) Indonesia North West Offshore Gas Distribution system that controls over 30 platforms. TRC also completed a three year phased implementation of the National Oil & Gas Lift Validation System for the Indonesian Ministry of Energy that includes all major producers operating in the Indonesian Republic..

The links below provide project references grouped by geographic area:

Projects In USA

Projects In Algeria

Projects In China

Projects In Asia

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