We have a dedicated team that works on SCADA system specifically for Oil & Gas industry. Over the 35 years span, TRC (previous called Praxis Instruments Co.) has installed close to 500 different systems for various customers. While each system is uniquely build for specific use, there are some common features and technical considerations for different types of customers.

TRC offers the design and implementation each solutions based on multiple projects experience, in today's world when technologies change faces on daily basis, TRC's service only gets better, we believe experience build quality, and our ever expanding customer basis proved us right.

Oil & Gas Field

TRC offers one of the best solutions for Oil & Gas field data acquisition system.

Customers in this area focus more on reliability and low maintenance. System design weighs more on the PLC/RTU’s robustic performance on remote, hazardous areas, control center needs to be user friendly and maintenance free. Since most Oil & Gas field are developed in many different phases, the control system needs to be maximum expandable. The tough part in this type of system is the site conditions. Oil & Gas field often located in remote area where there is not much social infrastructure can be used. Engineers often need to consider providing constant power supply to different equipment, provide a communication system which is low cost and reliable, select equipment that can tolerate high temperature, humidity, etc.

Long Distance Pipeline

TRC has successfully installed series of long distance pipeline projects in different countries, it is one of the proudest solutions TRC team has developed. Getting the best solution for this type of projects involve many factors, designer needs to have knowledge on fluid mechanics, station control logics, and transmission system’s bandwidth distribution. Given the nature of liquid or gas travel in pipeline, engineering solutions to avoid water hammer, pipeline interlock logic, and pipeline leak are all considered part of engineering work. A typical 3 levels of control (CCR, Stations, Field) implementation is still the most common philosophy, the control center needs to be powerful and flexible; the remote stations varies depending on the functions; Pumping Station or Compressor Stations requires DCS like control functions and sometimes working in parallel with a DCS system, etc. TRC also offers a disaster recovery solution to add more security to the system.

Offshore Platform

TRC’s solution for platform data control has been successfully tested over 15 years of operation. The challenge to build a system for offshore platform focus on efficiency of maintenance. Travel between platforms are one of the biggest expenses customer has to pay, a maintenance shut down in platform operation will cost customer dearly. TRC’s solution on platforms minimize the engineer’s travel time, and system upgrade wouldn’t need any sort of shutdowns.

Oil & Gas Tank Farm

Since year 1996, TRC has built different types of Tank Farm control systems for different storage purposes, these systems fit Crude Oil, LPG and LNG.

TRC’s solutions for Tank Farm Storage features open system structures, it communicates with SAAB Radar Tank Gauging System, Fire & Gas System, Loading Dock Systems, Electronic Custom Clearance System, etc. The solution gives the maximum efficiency to the operation management to integrate data from different systems into one database, create customized applications for specific purposes with ease.