In July 2019, TRC is awarded OK1 Pipeline SCADAProject to provide Supervisory Cotrol and Data Acquisition functions to Sonatrach:

The OK1 Pipeline is utilized for the transportation from the SP1 (HEH) Departure Terminal (TD) to the SKIKDA Receiving Terminal (TA SKIKDA). Along the pipeline there are 15 Section Valve Stations (HS), N.Port, Pumping Stations (SP2, SP3, SP4), Departure Terminal (TD) and Arrival Terminal SKIKDA (TA).

The SCADA system will be used to provide Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition functions necessary to operate the OK1 pipelines remotely from the control center at the Arrival Terminal Dispatch Center in SKIKDA. In case of equipment failure in the Arrival Terminal Dispatching Center SKIKDA, the backup control center in SP4 will take over the monitoring and control functions of the pipeline OK1.

The Scope of Work includes for the design, manufacturing, programming, procurement, inspection, tests, delivery to site, installation, commissioning, documentation and maintenance of the system including overseas/site personnel training. TRC will hand over a fully functional, complete SCADA and Transmission System to Sonatrach.


MLN Phase-4 Solar System

Pertamina Algeria EP acquired Block 405a from ConocoPhillips Algeria Limited in 2013, the field contains three main oil fields: Menzel Lejmat Nord (MLN), Ourhoud, and EMK. Pertamina Algeria EP has a 65% participating interest and operatorship in the MLN Field while the other 35% remaining participating interest held by Repsol. The MLN field is located approximately 1,000 km south east of capital of Algeria, Algiers. The COMPANY completed a study for the required development of the MLN field to increase the production of oil by the installation of new wells, upgrading and expanding the downstream processing capacity of the MLN Central Processing Facility (CPF).

The project was succesfully fininshed in October 2018.


GR4 Compressor Station HRM

The GR4 Compression Station project consists of a new Compressor Station to be constructed in Hassi R'Mel in order to raise the line pressure to a level allowing the shipment of gas to the National Distribution Center for Gas (CNDG) in Hassi R 'Mel.

As part of this project, an extension of the existing GR1/2 SCADA System is required. The new SCADA extension will consist of a duplication of the GR1/2 Control Center. Two new work Stations will be supplied in addition to a Video Wall System to display the GR1/2&4 Pipeline facilities in addition to the future GR6 pipeline. In addition an Emergency Back-up SCADA Server will be installed to provide continuous operation in case of a failure in the GR1/2 SCADA Servers.

The project was succesfully fininshed in Feburary 2016.



The Pipeline TIDIKELT-TAMANRASSET Pipeline consists of 27 stations for the transportation of GAS from the TIDIKELT Terminal Departure(TD) to the TAMANRASSET Terminal Arrival(TA), over a distance of 520Km. The project consists of the addition of TIDIKELT-TAMANRASSET pipeline facilities from Tidikelt to Tamanrasset, over a distance of 520Km. This section requires 4 Pigging Station(PC) station, 21 Block Valve Stations (PS), 1 Terminal Departure(TD) and 1 Terminal Arrival(TA).

The Control System we have selected for this project is the series CompactLigix serial Controllers manufactured by Allen-Bradley, another world leader in Industrial Automation. The family of CompactLogix controllers has a wide choice of CPU configurations and a comprehensive range of I/O modules to satisfy the requirement for this project.

The project was succesfully fininshed in August 2017.



The Sonatrach-Anadarko EL MERK oil field is currently operating under control of a Yokogawa Distributed Control System. This project implemented a Historian Server that has an OPC link connected to the Yokogawa DCS and web server functionality in order to make all EL MERK Production data available to the Well Engineering group in Hassi Messaoud and other enterprise GB users that require access to this data. TRC configured the EL MERK Production Data Base server and build the Information Server’s database interface, including Web server functionality and Intouch applications to provide a graphic HMI interface to the users.

The project was succesfully fininshed in February 2015.



In May 2009, TRC signed a contract with Sonatrach, Algeria for the supply, installation and commissioning of the GR1/2 and GR4 Gas pipeline SCADA System, comprising of a total of 84 stations, in addition to a new Control Center at the National Gas Distribution Center in Hassi R'Mel. TRC has executed this project in Consortium with Groupe SM of Montreal, Canada, whereby TRC supplied the SCADA System, and SM coordinated the supply of the Communications System and Site installation.



On February 2007, TRC signed a contract with SONATRACH for the replacement of a SCADA System for the DLR1 LPG Pipe Line, which runs from Amenas in the south of Algeria to Hassi R'Mel, the central Hub of all Algerian Pipelines in the center of Algeria.

The SONATRACH LR1 / DLR1 SCADA System Upgrade Project consists primarily of the replacement of the existing pipeline SCADA hosts, the Redundant MTU (PLC 5/60) and the communication coupler at the central control room (Haoud El Hamra) and those of Arzew and Ohanet. In addition to this high-level data transmission work, the project includes the addition of temperature and intrusion detection instruments to be installed at the underground shelters along the pipeline and are monitored by the system. The upgrade also involves doubling the capacity of all the RTUs along the existing LR1 and the newly built DLR1 pipeline with all the programming required for all of this to function properly through the existing Telecommunications equipment. The scope of work includes re-furbishing the Control room at the HEH Control Centerl with new Control Desks and a Video Wall System.



Sonatrach/Anadarko is another long time customer of TRC. From 2001 to 2003, TRC successfully completed a turnkey SCADA System for 104 Oil production wells in the Hassi Berkine Oil Field operated by Sonatrach/AAC located in Block 404 in southeastern Algeria. TRC was responsible for the detailed system design, procurement, configuration, software development, system integration&testing, installation supervision and start-up.

In the following 10 years, TRC received new contracts to provide additional RTU stations and associated system expansion as new wells were drilled every year.

Currently, the system comprises of 11 gathering stations and over 220 Wells. The system is integrated with an ABB (Baily-Elsag 90)DCS System, and provides production data via a web server to all the clients engineering offices.