Introduction to Rongxin Power Eegineering:

Rongxin Power Engineering (RXPE) is a leading international developer and provider of high voltage power electronic solutions.

RXPE specialises in delivering turnkey and EPC solutions for the electricity supply industry, providing system studies, design, procurement, construction, commissioning and project management of complex installations. Solutions include Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) such as SVC, STATCOM and series compensation projects, VFD(Variable Frequency Drive)Voltage Source Converter DC transmission and distribution systems, protection and high power automation systems.


Variable Frequency Drive:

MV Converter-MVC:

MVC of RXPE is the 3kV-13.8kV/200kVA-100000kVA series middle-voltage motor energy saving speed product (including mine hoist traction-type middle-voltage inverter, etc.) developed using currently international advanced IGBT power module series multilevel technology, digital control technology, SPWM pulse width modulation technology and superconducting heat pipe cooling technology, voltage multi-module series technology and vector control technology. It has features of high efficiency and energy saving, high power factor and high reliability, and is widely used in coal, metallurgy, electric power, building materials, petroleum, chemical industry, papermaking, water supply and drainage and other industries, to achieve variable speed operation and optimized control of middle-voltage motor.


Soft Starter-VFS:

VFS (Variable Frequency Starter) adopts the patented technology developed by RXPE independently to realize the function of discrete frequency conversion and stepless voltage regulation by controlling the thyristor. It can output 12.5 Hz, 25Hz and 50 Hz frequencies, and to realize a lower starting current with higher starting torque by controlling the voltage-frequency ratio of the motor. Also, a number of start and stop control methods can be realized, such as voltage inclination start, constant current start, soft stop, braking stop, and so on.