Deliver different kinds of Turn-Key projects are TRC’s proudest expertise. An experienced project management team, multi-international engineering teams, world-wide partners in different regions, plus hundreds of successful project installations has made TRC an ideal selection to handle SCADA and Telecom Turn-Key projects in Oil & Gas field.

Project Management

A strong, efficient project management always comes first on projects that involve many different aspects, besides the most commonly known factors as cash flow, resource and schedule, TRC’s success on multi-national project management also rely on a philosophy which emphasizes cultural influences. As all customers apply common industry standards and regulations, different regions do have their own unique cultures, which lead to various work habits and different ways of communication. Respecting and understanding customer’s tradition, religion, language has helped TRC to have better coordination and accurate project schedule, it has contributed a great deal on TRC’s past success.

Quality Control

TRC has got the ISO 9001 certificate years ago, on top of that, TRC’s quality control manual has been expanding on each project delivery to include major customer’s quality control requirement.


TRC’s engineering team is battle tested. The engineering work in TRC team not only include the most up to date technologies and cost efficient solutions, TRC also emphasize the installation work on site, customer’s future maintenance cost and training of customers. We do not just work for our customers, we work WITH our customers.


TRC’s safety manual satisfies HSE requirements for all Oil & Gas field requirements.


Over the years, TRC has been working with some of the most powerful partners in their respected areas to deliver wide range of Turn-Key projects, we’ve worked with Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider, Wonderware, Huawei, OTN, MDS and many others who are leaders in their industry, these partners have made TRC’s ability to grow even stronger to deliver more projects for our worldwide customers.