All TRC Systems are designed to industry standards and provide open architecture solutions. Open systems can be easily maintained and updated without extraordinary expenditures.

Plus, each system is fully integrated and can be easily implemented. The resulting system will typically include a variety of hardware components and software programs along with necessary modifications, including special configurations and packaging.

Since we are not tied to any specific components or proprietary products, TRC can choose from any number of different products.

Our only goal is to meet your exact needs while adhering to industry standards.

TRC's unique experience in the global Oil & Gas Industry makes us an ideal candidate for complex turnkey SCADA Systems.

Our multi-disciplinary coverage of Control philosophy, Communications and Power Systems renders a single-source for System Design, Analysis and implementation.

The multi-ethnic character of our engineers and project management staff allows us to adapt effectively and efficiently to local practices, customs and regulations.

It is the combination of the above company traits that lends TRC its unique competitive advantage in the worldwide Oil&Gas Industry.