Partners of TRC Advanced Technologies


In 2014, TRC signed a Global Framework Agreement with the ZTE Coorperation to jointly develop Oil & Gas market. The agreements highlighted the combinatioin of leading technologies of both telecommunication and automation in large pipeline projects, as a result, the TRC/ZTE team was awarded the TIDIKELT-TAMANRASSET GAS PIPELINE SCADA and TRANSMISSION SYSTEM PROJECT by the EPC Contractor, Bonatti.


Roxin Power Electronic:

RXPE is a public company based in Shanghai, China. Its SVC and VFD products are widely considered as leaders in the field in China. At the end of 2014, TRC reached an agreement to be the local agent of RXPE in Texas, USA. Under the agreement, TRC will provide sales and techincal support for RXPE in the state of Texas, USA.

The parntership will not only help RXPE to reap the benefits of having a local representative in North America, but with TRC's ongoing efforts in developing energy efficient solutions for the Oil & Gas industry, RXPE provides TRC a great resource to serve its customers.



As a SCADA EPC Contractor for the past 15 years, TRC has built a great relationship with all the major Equipment Manufactures and Software Developers. In 2014, Rockwell Automation has appointed TRC as a 1st level integrator support organization, and is now jointly working with TRC on DCS projects in Asia.