Soalar System EPC

Together with HDsolar, TRC provides EPC one-stop power plant solutions for various types of customers such as industrial and commercial, industrial parks, and public institutions, including the whole life cycle engineering services such as survey, design, procurement, construction, grid connection, and elimination of defects. At present, the company has completed several megawatt-scale projects in Southeast Asia, South America, Japan and other regions, and has been highly recognized by customers.

TRC offers the design and implementation each solutions based on multiple projects experience, in today's world when technologies change faces on daily basis, TRC's service only gets better, we believe experience build quality, and our ever expanding customer basis proved us right.

Ground Power Station

It is an important development direction for solar photovoltaic power generation to enter the stage of large-scale commercial power generation and become an integral part of the power industry. It is the mainstream trend in the development of solar photovoltaic power generation technology in the world today. Large-scale photovoltaic power stations are composed of photovoltaic power generation systems, inverters and grid-connected access systems.

Roof Power Project

A distributed photovoltaic power plant usually refers to a photovoltaic power plant power generation system that uses decentralized resources, has a small installed scale, is deployed near users, and uses photovoltaic modules to directly convert solar energy into electrical energy. It is generally connected to the power grid with voltage level below 35 kV or even lower.