Introduction to HD Solar:

Founded in 2009, HDsolar is a clean energy technology and solution provider integrating R&D, design, production and sales of photovoltaic mounts. By the end of 2020, HD Solar have provided 10GW installed PV mounting system solutions for more than 500 PV power plants in more than 30 countries around the world in total. Equipped with international advanced production equipment and experimental equipment, a perfect scientific quality management system, and an experienced talent echelon, the company can provide complete solar photovoltaic power generation project total solutions and EPC services for global customers.


Solar tracking system:

Mercury 1 tracker:

Single point rotary drive single row flat single axis tracker

Mercury 1 tracker is a tracking system product in the HDsolar planetary series Mercury sequence, with the advantages of safety and stability, flexibility and efficiency. The product uses a precise closed-loop control system to ensure the tracking accuracy of the sun and guarantee the power plant's power generation yield by up to 20%; implements intelligent terminal management based on cloud platform to realize on-site digital operation and remote terminal management; can be flexibly arranged in a variety of complex terrains with land utilization rate (GCR) ≥ 30%; has overall high protection (≥ IP65), which can be used in harsh outdoor environment Long-term use, and system self-protection in the event of adverse weather conditions, etc.


Mercury 2 tracker:

Multi-point rotary drive single-row flat single-axis tracker

Mercury 2 tracker is the second tracking system product in HDsolar's planetary series Mercury sequence, which can be widely used in large and medium-sized ground PV power plant projects, and also has unique advantages in application scenarios such as high wind pressure areas and narrow undulating regular terrain. The reason is that the product adopts the most advanced multi-point drive structure design, which makes the bracket run more smoothly and the structure is more rigid to avoid high wind damage; it uses reliable and durable mechanical linkage devices and high level protection for the control system and core transmission components to meet the requirements of long-term use in harsh outdoor environments while always having high product reliability and system synchronization. In addition, it has strong market competitiveness in terms of installation and maintenance, digital operation and maintenance, and cost control. The product has strong market competitiveness in terms of installation and maintenance, digital operation and maintenance, and cost control.


Ground fixed mounting system:

Aluminum Mounting Structure:

The ground aluminum mounting structure is suitable for various application scenarios and various modules installation requirements. The unique non-clamp beam design and high pre-installation structure can provide installation efficiency and reduce installation error, saving time and construction cost for project.


Galvanized Steel Mounting Structure:

This galvanized carbon steel ground mounting system is suitable for shallow beach, grassland, Gobi, wetland and other geological environment. The material is hot-dip galvanized steel, which has good mechanical properties and foundation bearing capacity. It can be used in C-shaped steel pile, H-shaped steel, pile screw pile, concrete pile and other foundations.


Foldable PV Mounting System:

The utility model foldable mounting system, with the entire system as a unit, links the components together for unparalleled ease of transport and installation and use.


Solar rooftop mounting:

Metal Roof System:

The metal roof system is a universal solar panel installation system for inclined roof and flat roof. Innovative rail and clamp connection technology, so that it does not need on-site processing, installation is fast and convenient, and can be optimized according to the actual roof environment.


Tile Roof System:

The tile roof installation system can be optimized according to different tile shapes such as S-shaped tile, fish scale tile, slate tile and other roof structures. The installation is fast and convenient, with high efficiency and short construction period.


Ballast Roof System:

The ballast roof installation system is made of light and high- strength aluminum alloy parts, which will be highly pre installed and prepared in the factory, and then delivered to the installation site, so as to ensure the structural stability and save the installation cost.


Solar carport system:

The perfect combination of photovoltaic power generation and carport is one of the application of BIPV photovoltaic building integration. Huading HD-Car photovoltaic carport products can not only realize all the functions of traditional carports, but also bring steady green power generation benefits to the owners, achieving the multifunctional and environmental goal.


Using high-strength lightweight aluminum alloy and steel structural materials,with professional industrial design, simple, elegant, beautiful, and fashionable, it’ll create a new sunny image for the owners.

Solar Carport System: Industrial and commercial photovoltaic carport Household photovoltaic carport


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