OGDCL UCH II Gas Field SCADA and Communication System:

In September, 2012, TRC was awarded UCHII SCADA system Contract from OGDCL.

The UCH gas field is owned and operated by the Oil & Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) based in Islamabad, Pakistan. The field is located in the Tribal Area Bugti Agency District of Baluchistan Province. The distance from Sui to UCH is about 73 Kms. The nearest city is Jacobabad, which is about 73 Kms from UCH gas field. OGDCL intends to develop the UCH-II gas field by installing the UCH-II Plant (adjacent to the UCH-I gas plant) to deliver gas to UCH Power Limited (UPL-II power Plant).

The UCH-II Gas Plant comprising surface facilities (total 15 nos. of well heads facilities are to be developed), 15 nos. flow lines, gas gathering facility, commingling system and gas purification and dehydration plant. At each of these remote facilities i.e. 15 Nos. wellheads individual Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) with solar panel and other required accessories and UHF two way radio communication system will be installed for supervisory, control and shutdown from a redundant SCADA Server which will be installed in the Central Control Room (CCR) at UCH-II Gas Plant.