In November 2016, WebServer and Historian Update Contract by Groupement Berkine ELMERK Algeria:

TRC has successfully completed the Anadarko-Sonatrach Groupement’s Webserver and Historian Update project. The project scope is to implement the Webserver and Historian in Hassi Messaoud to connect with the Real-Time data server from Elmerk Oil Field’s SCADA system. The software platform from both sides are Yokogawa Exaquantum server and Wonderware Intouch. To make a critical data available to specific users at various locations, TRC integrated the Webserver and the Historian Server, provide both real-time and historian data through a Web based HMI that enable Well Engineers and other users to get access to data, the Real-Time data is fed from the SCADA Server in Elmerk through OPC connection. The system design as completed has ensured reliability and secure accessibility to production data without compromising its security.