In July 2019, TRC is awarded OK1 Pipeline SCADAProject to provide Supervisory Cotrol and Data Acquisition functions to Sonatrach:

The OK1 Pipeline is utilized for the transportation from the SP1 (HEH) Departure Terminal (TD) to the SKIKDA Receiving Terminal (TA SKIKDA). Along the pipeline there are 15 Section Valve Stations (HS), N.Port, Pumping Stations (SP2, SP3, SP4), Departure Terminal (TD) and Arrival Terminal SKIKDA (TA).

The SCADA system will be used to provide Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition functions necessary to operate the OK1 pipelines remotely from the control center at the Arrival Terminal Dispatch Center in SKIKDA. In case of equipment failure in the Arrival Terminal Dispatching Center SKIKDA, the backup control center in SP4 will take over the monitoring and control functions of the pipeline OK1.

The project is scheduled to finish in March 2021.