Service Contract by Groupement Berkine in Algeria:

In October 2012 TRC sucessfully completed a Service Contract by Groupement Berkine in Algeria, a Joint Venture between the Algerian State Oil Company Sonatrach and Anadarko Petroleum based in the USA.

The Contract comprises an expansion of the existing production monitoring system that TRC has installed in the Berkine production field. More than 200 production and Injection wells and 11 Gathering Stations are interconnected by Fiber Optic and RF links to a central production facility (CPF). Under the current Contract, TRC will install a new INSQL Server to log all production and operation data from the SCADA and DCS Systems. This data will be accessed by a new Web Server that TRC will install to allow the Well Engineers within Hassi Berkine, and in the Hassi Messaoud base access to real time and historical production data.

The new system that TRC will install is replacing an aging Schlumberger FIELDINFO system. As part of the same Service Contract, TRC will upgrade the SCADA to DCS link, that currently uses an outdated serial link. TRC will provide a new HARMONY OPC Server that connects to a new Ethernet interface module that TRC will install in the Baily 90 DCS. This new interface will enhance the Redundant SCADA Servers ability to provide uninterrupted production data and facilitate Supervisory Control for the entire Production Field.